About CropToFit

The best tool for resizing & cropping to spec

What is CropToFit?

CropToFit is an image scaling, cropping and optimization tool designed for web and app designers but anyone can use it. CropToFit excells at resizing and cropping to specified image dimensions.

The internet is replete with such requirements. We have collected a database of some of the most popular dimensions, but there are many more. Designers and app developers need to hunt down these dimensions and rescale and crop their artwork to fit.

Why use CropToFit?

Regular image editors allow you to resize or crop images, but not both. If you want to resize and crop to fit given dimensions, this a three step cumbersome process in other image editors. For example: First you crop to the width that looks good, then resize to the required width in pixels, then you crop to the required height in pixels.

With CropToFit this is a one step process.

No other free online image editor(*) is specifically designed to scale and crop in one step.

Some more reasons to use CropToFit:
  • CropToFit allows you to specify an aspect ratio and an output width or height.
  • CropToFit allows you to fix the scale and specify an output width and hight.
  • CropToFit allows you create crop-presets and share with anyone.
  • CropToFit uses high quality resampling.
  • CropToFit loads quickly and is available everywhere.
  • CropToFit remembers your recent crop dimensions.
  • CropToFit understands dimensions like "100x200px".
  • CropToFit is free.

High Quality Resampling

The methods that web browsers use to resize photos are designed for speed. They sacrifice quality to achieve greater speed.

Most web browsers use a method called nearest neighbor sampling when reducing the size of an image. This can lead to jagged and harsh lines. An elegant mathematica theory exists for resize images, called resampling theory. The resizeing (i.e. resampling) algorithm used by CropToFit should give the theoretically best possible results. The results are as good as with professional photo editors such as PhotoShop.

Found a bug? Have suggestions?

We use CropToFit daily and we are constantly striving to improve CropToFit. If you have suggestions, we would like to hear them.

If you have a suggestion or find a bug, please let us know by emailing us at support@croptofit.com

Version History


First version live:

  • Cropping and scaling to specified dimensions
  • Crop presets via URL dimension parameters
  • High quality re-sampling.


SVG rendering added. Fantastic for rendering graphics in all dimensins from SVGs.


Background fill functionality added, i.e. transparent, white and black.


Improved pixel level adjustment UI.

Snap to sides functionality.


  • Bugfix: The filetype buttons were not read correctly.
  • Support for saving very large images. Previously saving large PNGs crashed Chrome.
  • Support for Firefox and Safari in addition Chrome.


Crop dimension database set up on Github for easier editing and versioning.


Fixed issue where pure white was rendering slightly off-white.